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C.William Biggs, CFP,CSA,CIC,CLU, a former instructor for the Dallas Community Colleges, brings to the classroom over 35 years of "real world" experience in financial education.  Mr. Biggs delivers course content with real life scenarios to make the subject matter easier to understand. Mr. Biggs who has been a resident of Denton County for over 40 years is currently a loan officer with Affiliated Mortgage Lending based in Denton, TX. 


NTAES offers courses free of charge to community, church and employer groups throughout the North Texas area.  We simply ask you to provide the meeting space and to do the promotion and advertising of your workshop. We will even give you suggestions on how to best promote and advertise. Workshops generally last for an hour and a half and one or more can be offered on the same day.  We are often asked how we can provide these course for free. The answer is simple: Our presenters are required to provide a certain amount of public service each year to maintain their certifications. This type of event qualifies.   North Texas Adult Education Services provides financial educational opportunities to those in the North Texas area, for which a minimal registration fee is required. Some of your members may decide to take one of the courses in the future. • Some of your members may choose to seek out professional services of one of our presenters in the future.


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